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The GodTown Leadership Training Program

Equipping believers to transform communities.

The GodTown Leadership Training Program is the core of our focus at the GodTown mission base. We believe in activating students by engaging participants in daily prayer, active mission work, service projects, and personal and group instruction. We are dedicated to neighborhood transformation through active community involvement. While our missionaries are in our program, they walk through Four Phases that concentrate on personal character and spiritual growth. After completing the program, some move on to be active in mission work in their occupation, others remain at our mission as a part of the leadership team, and others are sent elsewhere to minister to other urban settings around the world.


Visit us!

Stop in and check out our program!  Many of our missionaries start as volunteers.  Most workshops can be audited for up to three sessions.


Join Our Team!

We're equipping believers to transform communities.


Is God calling YOU to be an Urban Missionary?

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