Hi, I'm Rait. I'm a Godtown missionary in Portugal.


My name is Rait (pronounced right) I am a portrait photographer, a musician and a GodTown missionary, originally from Eastern-Europe from country called Estonia. I have been christian for past 13 years and my life has been full of adventures seeking the Kingdom of God. In the past I have been filling different parts of the mission field. Starting with playing bass in worship band and finishing with filling in for a youth pastor role in my congregation back in Estonia. I have been doing and wanting to do more and more missions my entire life. For me being on a mission or living a normal christian lifestyle are pretty much the same thing for me. We are called to share the good message wherever we go and not hold back anything that God asks us to share. Since 2018 August I have been connected with GodTown Missions Base here in Twin Cities. This last year I have had a chance to partner with them on different missions all around the World: Northern Ireland, London, Lebanon, Florida and of course in St. Paul, MN. Our mission field reach is quite often limited by the finances so I am inviting you to partner with me either one time or to join in a help me to reach people on monthly basis.