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More About Me

I’m here to LEARN


GodTown is purposed to provide a safe environment for young adults from all walks of life to know God and be transformed by His love in the context of a community that functions like family. We’re unified by our shared desire for everyone around us to know the love that has brought us to life. March 18th 2018 I came out of a fearful religious lifestyle into a life-changing relationship where I finally know God as my Father and the Lord of my life. Between October and December of 2018 I’ve since become a full-time residential missionary to Frogtown, St. Paul. I moved here to learn anew how to be myself - who God says I am.


I’m here to SERVE


GodTown’s mission statement is Love God Love People. My conviction is that the Love of God transforms the lives of individuals; individuals full of Love can transform the lives of their family. Then together a revived family can transform their neighborhood, their city, their state, their nation, the world. My aim is to get to know God and help people get to know Him for who He is. To know God rightly is to Love God fully. Some of my favorite ways to help people connect with God for themselves is leading in worship, praying for people, sharing my own journey, providing support and encouragment as people pursue wholeness, and simply being a friend. My life is my ministry.




GodTown is a missionary training center focused on equipping Christians to live a life in accordance with the Bible, and bringing transformation and reclamation to their spheres of influence with Love. I’m convinced my full time investment here will equip and develop me to become who God says I am called to be. I have 3 specific assignments for this season of my life:

  • Unearth how to be a Kingdom citizen by serving as a full-time missionary with GodTown;

  • Teach and testify of God’s Goodness on YouTube and Instagram; and

  • Invest in learning the Korean language and its alphabet (Hangul) with the goal of fluency.

Other God-sized dreams for my life include:

  • Reproducing Heaven’s vision for family by being a daughter and sister, and someday a wife and a foster mom;

  • Empowering Native Americans to know who they are so they can be healed and whole;

  • Preparing the American Church and people to fully receive North Koreans into our homes and hearts through advocacy, teaching, and prophecy.


"If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.'' -African Proverb


Thank you for reading! If you could envision yourself partnering with me prayerfully, through friendship, or financially, I would love to connect with you. -mm