Hi, I'm Lisa. I'm a Godtown missionary in Portugal.


Hi! My name is Lisa and I live in beautiful Northern Ireland! I am blessed to have been brought up in a ministry family who have always inspired me to serve God. I have volunteered with Godtown on several missions, in Belfast, Dublin, London and Lebanon. I am a Music Therapist and a worship leader and for the past two years I have been working with vulnerable people of all ages. For some time now I have felt called by God to move into full-time ministry and specifically serving in Portugal. I am moving to live and work there in January 2021. I am looking forward to partnering with the local Church in Lisbon and seeing the Kingdom of God manifested on earth. I would be very blessed if you could consider partnering with me financially either with a one-off gift or by monthly donations. I am passionate about seeing transformation in our world and would very much value your support in this new season of life.

-Love Lisa